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yes i'm really posting an entry [17 Feb 2010|02:52pm]
[ mood | thc A.d.d. ]

im back. i bought a computer last week. go me.

i wanted to write out what im supposed to do today:

1. smoke a cigarette indoors
2. sell jewelry on haight street cause like, i spent way too much money last weekend.
3. buy lipstick

i love smoking indoors. smoking indoors is such a fucking gratifying experience. i love smoking while getting something else accomplished. i know i cant smoke anywhere other than by my window so the only thing i can really do in my case is be on the computer while smoking. whateva. its still being inside!

the weather is beautiful.

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Voice Post [09 Jun 2006|01:05am]
226K 1:10
(no transcription available)
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ooooh, denied. [20 Apr 2005|12:02am]

comment to be added
(so i know you exist)


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